Gumbo Theory
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Gumbo Theory is the idea of taking a variety of ingredients, throwing it all in the pot and letting it stew up into something beautiful that soothes the soul but is also festive. As an artist, people who hasn't seen your work yet always ask "what type of work do you do?" I always say that I work in multi-media being as I have amstrong background in the fine arts but also currently work in the emerging digital arts realm and use the idea of Gumbo to describe how the different disciplines work together.  By using the Gumbo Theory in the cannon of an art series, we're able to showcase a wide range of variety while staying completely on brand. Gumbo is also something that is distinctly Black yet is welcoming to other cultures. This provides space to discuss different topics in American society from class warfare to colorism.

October 25th



Venue Information:

401 East Hillcrest Boulevard Suite I, Inglewood, CA 90301